our history

James Signs began in 1951 by James K. Reid. Today it is his son Ken that continues to lead a diverse team of professionals from their west end Toronto location which was built in 1955.

In the earlier years signs were hand drawn by a skilled signwriter with paint and brush. Today it is now the computer which has revolutionized a dramatic change to the process. Computers however are much like the brush as they are merely a tool. Computers can't make a bad idea or an inappropriate design better. They can only mass produce them with amazing consistency. Successful sign making is still an art which has taken years of education and practice. A skill that continues to be taught and practised by our growing team of professionals.

The family philosophy that a successful business is the by-product of satisfied customers remains unaltered. Satisfied customers is the evolution of continuing to provide effective solutions that work, great service, and value.

James senior still maintains that the ability to describe exactly why one sign looks good as opposed to another is uncommon, but the ability to choose between bad and good is quite common. It has been said that 99% of designing solutions that work is ''Understanding with clarity the problem or goal.''

Signs change. Times change. We are still here.
Celebrating 60yrs in business.