1. 26 April 2011

    The Donalda Project

    We were invited by recommendation to visit and make a proposal to improve the esthetics that revolve on vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The pre-existing signage heavily favoured having the club emblem predominantely displayed.

    A first time visitor will need simple and clear direction.We approach these problems by putting ourselves in the shoes of someone who has never been there before.

    Keeping things clear and simple is our philosophy.


    The old sign was busy and difficult to read. It didn't have any clear instruction. A clear emphasis on "Bag Drop" was made by contrasting the font sizes and strength.  An arrow was added to steer your eyes in the proper direction. The size was also reduced to be more at a general eye level. The colour selection was derived from the club's own colour scheme, which worked perfectly in terms of contrast.



    A strong use of arrows and negative space help this layout breathe. The emblem has now been used as a signature and accent instead of being predominantly displayed. The signs are now easily viewed and understood from a distance.


    The front entrance gates were completely approached from a different perspective. They had some beautiful columns that we capitalized on. Originally they had their sign amongst their floral garden and lost in translation. The sign was competing with the landscape for your attention. We proposed a custom designed plaque mounted on the empty real estate. The plaque greets you as well as subtlely pulls you to the correct direction.


    Once the gate has been passed there are massive white arrows on a green background guiding you to where you need to be. Think of the emotional connection that is conveyed if we were to change the green to red. The green translates into action, kindness, nature, life. When you hit a traffic light, it means go.

  2. 25 April 2011

    Station 341 Crest

    Every now in then we come across a real gem. We had the honour of creating some custom decals for them of this wall graphic. Our friend, firefighter David R. Smith, added a detailed description of the meaning behind the station crest below.

    firestation crest

    In the words of firefighter David R. Smith:

    The orange flames spell the word "YORK" to represent the old City of York. The yellow flames are the date our hall was founded "1922".The number 1 on the helmet was the station number when the hall was founded in 1922. The number "341" is the current Toronto Station number assigned when we amalgamated. The oak leafs on both sides of our station number represent the area of York we serve "Oakwood". Rescue & Aerial our the 2 trucks that run out of the station. The red bar is an old firefighting tool that was designed by a York firefighter  many years ago and was referred as the "York Bar". The crest on the wall is 4'+4' the gloves and bar are real.